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List of Famous Sculptors on the All About Art Schools directory. Find fine artists with sculpture portfolios online that may be thought of as famous sculptor.

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Hans ArpJean Arp
Painter, collagist, sculptor, printmaker and poet, Jean Arp (or Hans Arp) co-founded the Dadaist Cabaret Voltaire.

Georg Baselitz

One of the leading painters, sculptors & printmakers of the Neo-Expressionist movement who were intent on reviving figurative painting on a monumental scale. Since 1967 Baselitz's characteristic style relies on painting his images upside down.

Constantin Brancusi
Born in the village of Hobitza in Romania in 1876, Constantin Brancusi was one of the founding figures of modern sculpture and one of the most original artists of the twentieth-century.

Tom Burr

Based in New York, American Artist Tom Burr is a famous installation and sculpture artist.

Alexander CalderAlexander Calder

Famous sculptor, Alexander Calder, revolutionized the art of sculpture by making movement one of its main components.

Anthony Caro
Born in 1924, Sir Anthony Caro is considered one of the most influential sculptors of the twentieth century.

Tony Cragg
Born in 1949, Tony Cragg is known for his sculptures made from found objects and other raw material.

Andy GoldsworthyAndy Goldsworthy

UK Artist, Andy Goldsworthy is a famous environmental sculptor who responds intuitively to his natural surroundings to create an art form, utilising materials such as twigs, leaves, rocks, sand and even ice.

Antony Gormley

Best known for his sculpture Angel of the North, 1998, Gormley is one of the most popular sculptors in the UK.

Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum was born into a Palestinian family in Beirut, Lebanon in 1952 and now lives and works in London and Berlin. Hatoum works in sculpture, conceptual and situational art, utilising everyday objects, electricity, craft and even exploratory surgery.

Donald Judd
Considered as one of the most important American artists of the post-war period, Donald Judd was also a major figure in the Minimalist art movement.

Anish KapoorAnish Kapoor

Born in Bombay in 1954 to a Punjabi-Hindu father and a Baghdadi-Jewish mother, Anish Kapoor is one of the most acclaimed sculptors working in Britain.

Anselm Kiefer

Born in 1945, Anselm Kiefer
is regarded as one of the most important and influential artists working today. Kiefer’s art is often understood as a response to the history of Germany, desecrated by the Nazis.

Jeff Koons
Best known for his marriage to Italian porn-star La Cicciolina and his Jacko and Bubbles sculpture, Jeff Koons is one of the art world's most famous conceptual sculpture artists. Koons lives and works in New York.

Born in 1475, Michelangel was a famous sculptor, painter, architect, poet and the dominant figure of the Italian Renaissance.

Amedeo Modigliani

Born in Livorno, Italy in 1884, Amedeo Modigliani is predominantly known for his nudes and portaiture.

Henry MooreHenry Moore
Henry Moore (1898-1986) was one of the twentieth century's great sculptors.

Ron Mueck

Australian hyper-realist sculptor, based in London, showing figurative sculpture and realist work.

Takashi MurakamiTakashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami is a famous Japanese sculptor, painter and printmaker who was brought up with and influenced by Disney, Spielberg, and Japanese manga and anime.

Isamu Noguchi
Famous sculptor, designer and architect, Isamu Noguchi produced more than 2,500 works of sculpture; designed lamps, furniture and stage sets; dramatic public gardens; fountains; earthworks; memorials; interior design and more.

Judy Pfaff
Born in 1946, Judy Pfaff is famous for her organic sprawling installations, which she's been recognized for since the 1970s.

Patricia PiccininiPatricia Piccinini
Born in 1965, Australian Artist Patricia Piccinini creates bio-morphic sculptures that reference the genetic engineering world and its impact on everyday society.

First satisfied customer from The mutant genome project, 1994– (1995) © All rights reserved Patricia Piccinini 1995 Australia

Auguste Rodin
Born in 1840, Auguste Rodin is the only sculptor of the modern age regarded in his lifetime and afterwards to be on a par with Michelangelo.

Richard Serra
Richard Serra is famous for his ground breaking, massive steel sculptures. Serra is based in New York and is considered to be one of the most significant artists of his generation.

Frank Stella
By the time he was In his early twenties, Frank Stella had become a revered American artist, and is considered a founding member of the Minimalist movement of the 1960s.

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