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Located in Zurich, Switzerland, The Zurich University of the Arts offers a range of programmes from further education opportunities to undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees in design, film, art, media, music, dance, theatre and art education.

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Zurich University of the Arts

On 1 August 2007 the School of Art and Design Zurich (HGKZ) and the Zurich School of Music, Drama and Dance (HMT) merged to become one of Europe’s largest universities of the arts: the Zurich University of the Arts (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, ZHdK).

By aligning teaching and research, the Zurich University of the Arts programmes are designed to promote transdisciplinary work.  ZHdK aims to link higher education, professional practice and the general public by showcasing the achievements of staff and students in their own exhibition spaces, theatre, dance and concert halls, including the renowned Zurich Museum of Design and the newly established Theatre of the Arts (formerly the Sihl Theatre).

The University has five departments: Department of Design, Department of Performing Arts and Film, Department of Art & Media , Department of Music , and the Department of Cultural Analysis.

The ZHdK runs nine institutes of research: Institute for Contemporary Arts Research, Institute for Critical Theory, Institute Computer Music and Sound Technology, Institute for Music
Studies, Institute for The Performing Arts and Film, Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts, Institute for Art Education, Institute of Design and Technology, Institute design2context.

The Zurich University of the Arts has a large and diversified network of international cooperations. The international cooperation focuses on student exchanges. Approx. 50 students a year spend a guest semester at the ZHdK and just as many from ZHdK take part in student exchanges. A large percentage of the activities are held within the framework of the European Socrates/Erasmus programme, which also gives lecturers the opportunity to teach for one to two weeks at a partner school ('.

Courses at Zurich University of the Arts

By Department

Department of Performing Arts & Film

Bachelor of Arts in Film
Master of Arts in Film
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - Acting/Directing/Theatre Education
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - Scenography
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre - Dramaturgy
Master of Arts in Theatre
Certificate Programme in Stage Dance

Department of Design
Bachelor of Arts in Design
  • Cast
  • Industrial Design
  • Interaction Design / Game Design
  • Scenographical Design
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Style & Design
  • Visual Communication

Master of Arts in Design

Department of Cultural Analysis

Bachelor of Arts in Art Education
Master of Arts in Art Education
Transdisciplinary Master of Arts

Department of Art & Media
Bachelor of Arts in Media & Art

  • Fine Arts
    Media Arts
    Theory - Studies in Media, Art, and Design Practice

Master of Arts in Fine Arts

Department of Music

Bachelor of Arts in Music

  • Instrument/Voice – Core Subject Classical Music
    Instrument/Voice – Core Subject Jazz and Pop
    School Music
    Composition and Music Theory
    Sound Engineering/Tonmeister

Bachelor of Arts in Music and Movement

Master of Arts in Music Education

  • Instrumental/Voice Music Education
    School Music
    Music and Movement

    Master of Arts in Music Performance

  • Instrumental/Vocal Performance
    Church Music

Master of Arts in Specialized Music Performance

  • Soloist

    Master of Arts in Composition/Theory

    Composition and Theory
    Composition and Media Technology

    Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) and Certificate of Advanced Studies(CAS

    Art & Design

    Contact Details for Zurich University of the Arts
    Ausstellungsstrasse 60,
    CH-8005 Zurich

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